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Mr. Tenhaaf has solidified himself as and expert and leader in Asset Management in Atlantic Canada with 7 years of experience delivering Asset Management services to communities through his work in public, research, and private environments. Ian has recently become an independent contractor focusing on asset management with a particular interest in how climate adaptation and mitigation activities can change the way we look at our built environment. He worked delivering asset management projects and stormwater projects that considered the effects of increasing water levels and changes in storm frequency and intensity on stormwater infrastructure. He has used a variety of stormwater models and performed river flow analysis using the HEC-RAS river modeling software from the US army corps of engineers. He views climate change as an opportunity to change the landscape we live in to not only protect against climate risks, but also create a more liveable and healthier environment for people to live in.



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Asset Management

An Asset Management leader in Atlantic Canada delivering custom solutions and training to communities for the past 7-years.

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Civil Engineer specializing in: stormwater management, wetland rehabilitation, project management and climate change adaptation.

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AIM Network

A proud AIM Network service provider and volunteer helping to advance their mandate to advance asset management practices at the local government level in Atlantic Canada.